12 Aesthetic Pink Desktop Wallpapers to Enhance Your Digital Workspace

Looking for aesthetic pink desktop wallpapers to take your desktop or laptop to the next level? Sometimes we just need the right stimulus to keep our digital workspace neat and tidy as it is often easy to overlook the organization of our workspace. But don’t worry, you got to the right place because…

This post is all about aesthetic pink desktop wallpapers

Let’s be real here. I’m not the most organized person in this world and sometimes it translates to my macbook desktop homescreen and I know I’m not the only one. Decide to tidy folders and files, and our homescreen looks spotless. Neat and tidy, everything where is supposed to be. After two weeks it is again a mess. I have done it. You have done yet many times. But we cannot keep it organized for a long time.

A simple solution I found was to design macbook organizer desktop backgrounds. For me I like to keep it simple. So with the desktop wallpapers you will find here you wont have headaches trying to find your files. For some people it works because they like to have their wallpapers with a lot of decorative designs. For me what works are clear fields and cute mac folder icons and I know that for many people who are more leant towards minimalist wallpaper backgrounds this style is the one of choice. This is because the last thing we need when we are trying to declutter our macbook background is to add unnecessary visual elements.

If you have seen other of my wallpaper design posts, you will know I love neutral colours. This is also because I receive a lot of request to craft them. They are calming and modern. However, wallpaper desktop designs with beige and brown hues are not the only requests I receive. It is for the whole rainbow, and because I want to explore with other colours as well, I will create a serie of minimalist desktop backgrounds with macbook wallpapers and aesthetic folder icons to mix and match. That way you can make your desktop background gorgeous and cohesive.

Aesthetic mac folder icons

How to change the icon of a folder mac?

To customize your folders is really each. You will have to select the folder that you would like to have the icon customized. It is also good to have the new image open in Preview and click in Edit then in Copy. For the folder, click on the right button of the mouse or double click to get to the menu bar Get Info. At the top of the get info window, click the folder icon and select Edit and then Paste.

What is the size of the macbook wallpapers?

These wallpapers were designed for the macbook backgrounds of 13 inch which is great for macbook pro and macbook air laptops. The resolution is 2560×1600. All macbook desktop backgrounds are in PNG format, so you just need to download it and enjoy!

What is the size of the macbook wallpapers?

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    I really hope you liked the these pink macbook desktop backgrounds and that they help you to keep your digital workspace organized and pretty. For the pink loves you definitely can expect more pink wallpapers coming up for more soft and feminine vibes and look.

    This post was all about aesthetic pink desktop wallpapers

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