Macbook neutral aesthetic backgrounds to spruce up your laptop

macbook neutral aesthetic backgrounds

Take your laptop to the next level has never been so easy. These macbook neutral aesthetic backgrounds are minimalist and thoughtful. With 15 muted warm color folders to mix and match and positive affirmations to sprinkle kindness seamlessly your laptop will be your inspiring workspace.

This post is all about macbook neutral aesthetic backgrounds.

These aesthetic neutral desktop wallpapers were inspired to lift up people. Beautiful designs shouldn’t be only aesthetic, but also purposeful and thoughtful. To convey a message or to help display solutions efficiently. Therefore, I decided to use a small space of the macbook wallpapers to share positivity though short affirmations. Each month, the wallpapers will have a unique short positive affirmation for you to say to yourself, which good things can happen from that, as it can help improve mood and increase confidence. Sometimes, we are so focused on the others, that we might forget ourselves, and simple steps like this can boost self-love.

Besides that, I crafted for you 15 cute folders icons with neutral colors for you to choose. This will effortlessly make your desktop look more consistent and harmonious. If you have never have applied folder icons to your macbook, don’t worry, I will help you by answering your (potential) question below.

How do I change folder icons?

Choose the file or folder for which you wish to replace the icon. After access the menu bar and select File > Get Info. At the upper part of the Info window, click on the small icon. Then, navigate to Edit > Paste in the menu bar to complete the process. See..easy peasy lemon squeezy : )

All of the folder icons for mac can be found in the zip file below. Once you unzip it, you will have access to these amazing neutral folders.

macbook aesthetic neutral backgrounds

Like I mentioned earlier, each month I will provide these beige desktop wallpapers to download. The design has intentionally muted neutral colours to convey a sense of serenity through simplicity. The last thing that I need is a busy desktop background to at the end make it look cluttered. Besides, they are so easy to place and use as you do not need to edit it. They will be available in JPG format and the size is 2560×1600 more suitable to Macbook 13 inch and Macbook Air.

Macbook aesthetic background

April 2024 – Macbook neutral aesthetic backgrounds

I created these pretty desktop wallpapers and folder icons not just to make your MacBook look good, but also to make you feel good whenever you are going to start using your laptop to work or study. The positive affirmations are there to lift your mood and make your workspace more organized, which is I think a win-win = ). I hope you find something here that makes you smile every time you open your laptop, and that it helps you feel good about yourself too. Also, if you would like to see other neutral wallpaper designs, you can check for this desktop wallpaper post which contains more folder icons too. So, that is it for today.

This post was the all about macbook neutral aesthetic backgrounds.

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