12 macbook neutral desktop wallpapers that are inspiring

macbook neutral desktop wallpapers

Hey there! Tired of having a messy homescreen? These macbook neutral desktop wallpapers are not only aesthetic but also inspiring! Start your working day with a nice short affirmation message to reminder you how awesome you are!

This post is all about macbook neutral desktop wallpapers

Who knows me know that I’m a creative person. We can come up with nice solutions and ultimately help others with them. However, the process it is not always linear and tidy. The process can be messy and all over the place. Therefore, being a creative person, does not mean that I have always my work environment organised. Ideas come and go and we go with the flow. But we want to not loose insights that we gain along the way. We see everything that inspire us and we want to catch and save it. So if you work a lot on your computer, you might already know how your work tool can look like after weeks. And seeing all this chaotic scenario can make you sometimes feel that you don’t know what you are doing or is not capable to do what you want.

Thinking on that, I decided to create these wallpapers that would reminder me that whatever I was going to do that day, I’m a capable-driven-ambitious-resilient person. Knowing that, I reminder myself to trust the process and my capabilities. Of course, reading those affirmations won’t make magic itself, but at least I’m can always trigger my mindset. With that in mind, I also needed a system. Here is where the fields on the wallpapers are for. Set the arena for neatness.

What will you find here as macbook wallpapers

I see a lot of those wallpapers out there with a lot a decorations to look more “aesthetic”. Ok, it works for some people, but what I don’t need more is to get distracted with more stimuli and does not play a practical role on the desktop wallpaper and just occupies space. Those macbook neutral desktop wallpapers are minimalists and have neutral colours to, first, I’m fond of them, and I know you are too lol, second, muted colours conveys a message of modernity, serenity, and calm.

Keeping it simple and clean is the secret sauce here. Each of the desktop wallpaper backgrounds will have a short affirmation, a monthly calendar and three fields with the labels to-do, work and personal. Regarding the fields, I have also provided those macbook backgrounds without them, so you can have a bit more of flexibility to placing whatever folders you want there. Talking about folders you can also get neutral folders to create a cohesive aesthetic in this post.

What is the macbook wallpapers size?

The size of these wallpapers is 2560 × 1600 and they are as JPEG format. The were made based on the 13 inches screens. However, if you do have an Macbook air, the wallpapers created here will fit perfectly on your device. If you have an Apple studio display, please let me know in the comments that you would like to have aesthetic macbook wallpapers also tailored for you big screen, so I will start to crafting them for you as well.

How to download your mac wallpapers

Each month I will release the wallpaper of the next month, by the end of the current month. I also may provide each month goodies like aesthetic folders, with glitter, neutral colours, marble and more. That way you can make your laptop gorgeous, customisable and to your stylish, so stay tuned!

neutral desktop wallpaper macbook

April 2024 – Neutral desktop wallpapers

With label

Without label

To download the desktop wallpapers, you can go to Settings and then clicking on Desktop & Screen Saver. In addition, there is another way, by just click on the background of your homescreen, with the right button. A short menu will be displayed as the shown on the image below. Either way you will get there, to the background settings.

aesthetic macbook background

I really hope you liked these wallpapers and that they can help you to declutter your macbook homescreen. Also, that you remind yourself that you are a powerful person that can achieve your goals. Small reminders like these can definitely boost your day and mindset. So surround yourself with good people and immerse yourself with positive thoughts, even though those simple wallpapers. Each month you can come back for more as little creative treats that you can use to level up your device. Well, that is it, see you in the next post and have a lovely day!

This post was all about neutral desktop wallpapers

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